“My back went out 3-4 years ago resulting in severe pain that needed immediate medical attention. I had found CCH by their sign outside so I decided to set up an appointment. After completing care I had noticed that I no longer have back pain at all. My continued maintenance has kept my condition in check.”

–Sharon O. 4/29/2015


“After landscaping in the spring of 2014, I experienced radial pain from my neck and down my right arm. The problem had been severe enough that everyday activities (ex. PC Work, Driving, Etc.) were painful. After a few months of the problem not receding, I sought treatment. I took my wife Ryta’s advice and started chiropractic care. I am now able to perform all daily activities like I was prior to the issue. I’m back to landscaping and my regular treatments keeps my neck and back aligned.”

–David J. 5/4/20015


“I was experiencing extreme neck pain and could not lift my chin from my chest. The pain had come on suddenly and immediate. My life, as I know it, came to a standstill. So my niece Peggy called to set up an emergency appointment for me that same day. The doctors set me up with an in-depth care plan over the next few weeks. I can now lift my head to see faces, not just feet which lasted several days. I can do my regular work, gardening, etc.”

–Dot K. 8/14/2015


“I feel 100% better and have gotten back a normal routine.  I sleep well and have been able to exercise and do more than before my pain started”  –Stacy 4/9/13


“I just wanted to give you guys a very big THANK YOU for my adjustment today!  Everyone is always so cheerful and friendly, even when I might be pretty droopy. 😉 Dr. Tony adjusted my ears today, which is something I never knew could be done and my head has felt better than it has felt in YEARS.  I can hear better, my eyes and ears don’t hurt nearly as much, my sinuses freed up a lot, my TMJ is realized for the first time since I can remember, and I can breathe better through my nose!  The regular medical doctors I saw for the pain and pressure in my head just told me it was “all in my head” and always just told me to take an antihistamine so I’ve just lived with it. 🙁  I am so glad I found your practice!!”

–Emily B. 9/19/13


“The pain has gone away – which has changed my outlook on life.  I am the person I used to be, only better!”

–Christina 3/19/13